Evaluation Philosophy

Priya favors evaluation scholars such as Michael Quinn Patton and Joseph S. Wholey who espouse sound yet practical evaluation approaches that maximize stakeholders’ ability to use evaluation findings.

Priya is committed to:

  • involving stakeholders to their full potential.  Her vision and practice includes:
      • sharing her passion for usable (utility-focused) evaluations with program managers, staff and participants while
      • drawing out and learning from their collective insights and
      • forging meaningful alliances that strongly contribute to the success of these evaluations.
  • adhering to the following high professional standards (Source: Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, 2010)
      • utility
      • feasibility (practical)
      • accuracy
      • propriety (ethical)
  • continuing to build cultural competence, which:
      •  is “a process of learning, unlearning and relearning” and is ongoing, acquired gradually over a life-time (AEA, 2011)
      • is not merely an objective mastery of know-how (AEA, 2011) but
      •  involves the evaluator’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Maintaining and role-modeling a spirit of learning!

You are invited to learn more about her evaluation philosophy by reading her program evaluation blog 


  • American Evaluation Association: 2011-Present


American Evaluation Association. (2011). American Evaluation Association Public Statement on Cultural Competence in Evaluation. Fairhaven, MA.  Retrieved from www.eval.org.

Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation.  (2010). Program Evaluation Standards Statements.  Retrieved from www.jcsee.org/

All Rights Reserved.  Copyright ©2011 Priya Small. 


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