Seeking  reliable evaluation consultant services?    

Priya Small Consulting: elegant, high-quality evaluation solutions for U.S non-profits

  •      a flexible and dependable strategic thinking partner
  •      dedicated to sound yet practical evaluation methods
  •      facilitating shared insights and elegant, useful evaluations
  •      nurturing improvement, growth and excellence in your program

Drawing from her extensive experience in facilitation, program planning and implementation and grant writing, in concert with her technical expertise in evaluation,  Priya is known to generate work products thoughtfully, thoroughly and on time.

Having demonstrated an ability to learn and adapt to diverse evaluation scenarios ranging from health and social service delivery to educational workshops, a community coalition and multi-site Parkinson’s Disease self-help groups, she continues to seek out varied evaluation opportunities.

Priya received her Master of Public Health degree from Temple University (3.96 GPA), with a self-designed additional focus in research and evaluation.  She concurrently received further training as  a minority junior investigator as part of a National Institutes of Health federal grant and research assistantship fellowship.

Her graduate-level coursework included the following (4.0 GPA):

    • Program Planning and Implementation
    • Program Evaluation
    • Research Methods
    • Epidemiology
    • Biostatistics
    • Intermediate Statistics
    • Experimental Design
    • Multivariate Statistics

She was also formally trained in evaluation and grant writing during her undergraduate studies in Public Health (3.97 GPA).

When she is not working, Priya enjoys mentoring/shepherding (and being shepherded by!) college students, cooking from scratch, and spending time with many loved ones.


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